"The Mercedes House", situated on the Grand Sablon in Brussels, is an exquisite meeting point for anybody interested in Mercedes-Benz and smart.

As is the case in other big cities, it is a hot spot where visitors can discover and experience the world of Mercedes-Benz and smart in a pleasant and surprising manner.

Evidently, the main emphasis lies on our cars. But this does not alter the fact that other, fascinating things can be associated with our brands.

We are proud of our restaurant, “WY”, headed by a two star chef, Bart de Pooter. We have an attractive shop and we organise interesting temporary expositions. The Mercedes House is also a cultural community building hosting magnificent classical music and jazz concerts and marvellous art exhibitions.

Finally, "The Mercedes House" also fulfils a role as a business centre, allowing you to organise seminars, press conferences, events, parties etc.

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